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The Latest Tech Trends Could Be Your Ticket To Sustainable Upgrades

The Latest Tech Trends Could Be Your Ticket To Sustainable Upgrades

When I say "tech trend," you might conjure up visions of folding screens, wearable tech, and augmented reality, but there are other trends that happen across the country that you likely don’t know about. These are the trends in larger businesses that have a sweeping effect across the tech industry simply because corporate offices are huge. But what Sage really does well is to capitalize on these trends. And that’s what you and your small business or academic career can cash in on.

The trends you don’t know about

Offices are always morphing. As technology changes, big businesses seek ways to bring efficiencies or improve production. And when this happens, those businesses have to do something with the previous devices. Normally, they recycle them. But we have a better plan.

In our inventory right now, for instance, we have hundreds of high-quality monitors because of a trend in corporate America to swap multiple monitors with new curved monitors. This helps them to be more energy efficient and still be able to view multiple charts and graphs at one time.

Another item we are sitting on are high-end laser printers from Lexmark. New, these desktop printers would run well over $1,000. But corporate America, again, is moving to centralized printing as a way of cutting energy consumption and printer maintenance. The win for you is you can get a powerful printer for way less than a new one—while being sustainable—all because big offices are making this shift.

But can I trust a corporate computer?

The best analogy we can think of is this: When you are shopping for a vehicle, would you feel more comfortable with a qualified pre-owned fleet vehicle, or some random individual’s car? Corporate IT assets are like the fleet vehicles of electronics.

For one thing, you know that the fleet vehicle was likely taken care of far better than your average individual’s car—regular oil changes, controlled usage, single operations, etc. Add to that the fact that most companies spring for the high-quality engine and rugged underbody that the typical consumer car doesn’t come equipped with and you can see the value in getting a corporate vehicle over consumer product.

The same thing goes for these monitors and printers. Not only are you being sustainable in purchasing a reuse item, but—because they’ve come from one of the largest banks in America, or huge investment firms—you can be sure you’re getting an A-rated item. But the best part is that we refurbish, clean, repackage, and warranty every item we move. Direct from corporate America to your doorstep.

Now how’s that for an upgrade?

 The Latest Tech Trends Could Be Your Ticket To Sustainable Upgrades_sage sustainable electronics

To learn more about how you can get in on the sweet deals we get from corporate tech trends, check out our shop at We carry a huge assortment of quality products that make upgrading your business or home work station a cost-effective and eco-friendly venture.

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