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Toshiba PA5178U-1ACA Laptop AC (Power) Adapter 120W 19V

$ 9.95

Main Specifications

AC Adapter 120W 19V

Compatible with:

AC Adapter 65W 19V Laptop AC Adapter compatible with the following:

Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A50-A-1D3, A50-A-1D9, A50-A-1F0, A50-A-1G8, Z40-B-004, Z40-B-006, Z40-B-00D, Z40-B-100, Z40-B-104, Z40-B-105, Z40-B-107, Z40-B-109, Z40-B-10E, Z40-B-10G, Z40-B-10H, Z40-B-10J, Z40-B-10N, Z40-B-10T, Z40-B-10U, Z40-B-11K, Z40-B1410, Z40-B1420, Z40-C1410, Z40-C1411, Z40-C1420, Z40-C1421, Z40t-A1410, Z40T-B1420W10, Z50-034007, Z50-A-004, Z50-A-005, Z50-A-00C-4, Z50-A-00C-5, Z50-A-00J, Z50-A-00L, Z50-A-07Q, Z50-A-0DU, Z50-A-10P, Z50-A-11C, Z50-A-11E, Z50-A-128, Z50-A-12C, Z50-A-12K, Z50-A-12L, Z50-A-12N, Z50-A-12Q, Z50-A-12R, Z50-A-12U, Z50-A-12V, Z50-A-12Z, Z50-A-130, Z50-A-13F, Z50-A-13J, Z50-A-13N, Z50-A-140, Z50-A-142, Z50-A-147, Z50-A-148, Z50-A-14Z, Z50-A1510, Z50-A-15C, Z50-A-15P, Z50-A-15Q, Z50-A-15V, Z50-A-15W, Z50-A-15X, Z50-A-161, Z50-A-164, Z50-A-167, Z50-A-169, Z50-A-16C, Z50-A-16D, Z50-A-16E, Z50-A-16F, Z50-A-16L, Z50-A-16M, Z50-A-16P, Z50-A-16U, Z50-A-178, Z50-A-17K, Z50-A-17P, Z50-A-17R, Z50-A-17T, Z50-A-17U, Z50-A-17W, Z50-A-180, Z50-A-181, Z50-A-188, Z50-A-189, Z50-A-18C, Z50-A-18D, Z50-A-18M, Z50-A-18P, Z50-A-19N, Z50-A-1CD, Z50-A-1CF, Z50-A-1CV, Z50-A-1CW, Z50-C, Z50-C1550 _

Toshiba Satellite C55D-C5106, C70-B-34G, C70-B-35E, C70D-B-317, C70D-B-33K, C70D-B-345, C70D-B-346, L50-B-1T7, L50-B-1TD, L50-B-1V2, L50-B-1V5, L50-B-1V9, L50-B-1VC, L50-B-1X5, L50-B-1XU, L50-B-1XZ, L50-B-22W, L50-B-23H, L50-B-23M, L50-B-24G, L50-B-25Q, L50-B-27N, L50-B-2C8, L50-B-2CC, L50-B-2DW, L50-B-2EQ, L50-B-2EV, L50-B-2EX, L50-B-2EZ, L50-B-2F0, L50-B-2F1, L50-B-2F4, L50-B-2FD, L50-B-2FE, L50-B-2FF, L50-B-2FH, L50-B-2G2, L50-B-2G7, L50D-B-12Z, L50D-B-13J, L50D-B-13K, L50D-B-152, L50D-B-15E, L50D-B-15F, L50D-B-15G, L50D-B-15H, L50D-B-15K, L50D-B-15N, L50D-B-15T, L50D-B-15U, L50D-B-160, L50D-B-168, L50D-B-16U, L50D-B-17K, L50D-B-17P, L50D-B-17Q, L50D-B-17R, L50D-B-18V, L50D-B-18W, L55D-C5227X, L55D-C5318, S50-B-13N, S50D-B-100, S55-B5155, S55-B5157, S55-B5266, S55-C5260, S55-C5360 _ Toshiba Tecra Z40-C

Used but in good condition.