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Glyph Blackbox 500GB Mobile USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hard Drive - NOB

Glyph Blackbox 500GB Mobile USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hard Drive - NOB

$ 29.99

The Glyph Production Technologies BlackBox SuperSpeed Hard Drive is the perfect portable storage solution. Wherever you are, on a plane, on a train, or a café in Spain, the BlackBox gives you portable and reliable storage. You don’t even need a power outlet. Simple, fast, mobile and solid.

Don’t let the size scare you… it works in speeds up to three times faster than USB 2.0, so your work gets completed faster than ever. Whether you need it for some additional storage, transferring files for delivery to a client or just backing up your computer, the BlackBox  gets it done a great blend of quickly, reliably and neatly.

BlackBox is also bus-powered by your computer and the included USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet for a bulky power adapter when you're in a hurry and there’s less to throw in the bag when your row gets called for boarding. 


  • Small form factor
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Up to triple the speed of USB 2.0
  • Bus-powered, no outlet required
  • 5400 RPM rotational speed

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